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We are a full race facility that offers on-road and off-road racing. We have a great concession stand on-site, that offers great hot food. We provide a table and chair for you, and ask you to bring a pit mat and extension cord. There are restrooms, WIFI, and a great time available as well!!!

We race Friday Nights starting at 6:30pm throughout the winter until the beginning of April. Doors open at 2 pm.

  • 17.5 SCT– Blinky, Open Rubber Tire
  • MOD SCT– Any rubber tire, any motor, any esc
  • 17.5 Buggy- 17.5 motor, blinky esc, open rubber tire. 8.44v max
  • Mod 2wd Buggy- any motor, any esc, open rubber tire. 8.44v max
  • 13.5 4wd Buggy- 13.5 motor, bliny esc, open rubber tire. 8.44v max
  • Stadium Truck– 13.5 motor, blinky esc, rubber tires, 8.44v
  • Novice– Any SCT Truck or other vehicle. Open to beginners of all ages
  • If you have four of any class, we will gladly run it.
  • Most other rules can be found here:

We race oval on select Saturdays. Check out our schedule. Oval Rules here.

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Richfield Raceway

Richfield Life Ministries Church Gym
167 Church St.